Thursday, August 9, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

Seven reasons why I love my silicone spoonulas and spatulas.

1. They're heat safe up to 500 degrees. This means I can leave them in my pot/pan and have no fear that they will melt (unlike plastic).

2. They do not conduct/retain heat. Corollary to #2, this means that if I leave them in the pot and touch them a few minutes later, I will not need to go to the ER for burns on my hand. This also means that when I taste as I'm cooking, I need not be worried that the hot cooking utensil will sear off my tongue and lips (unlike metal).

3. They are easy to clean. Silicone does not absorb colors and odors from food so even if I cook a tomato based dish, they will not turn orange (unlike wood).

4. They' re cheap. I paid an average of $5 for each one of mine.

5. They're durable. They look the same today as they did when I bought them a year ago, despite daily use and abuse.

6. They're soft but tough. Soft enough that they won't scratch my non-stick and enamel pans but sturdy enough to scrape the fond when I deglaze.

And, of course,

7. They're pretty! (do you notice a pattern here? pretty mixer, pretty knife, and pretty spoonulas...)

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