Saturday, August 4, 2007


Whenever we have anyone joining us for breakfast in our home, and I'm cooking up some eggs, I will never fail to ask them how they want their eggs done. I know from first hand experience that people will have their own egg preferences and one cannot assume that just because they come from the same household, they will all want their eggs the same way.

Concrete example here...

This was the platter of eggs that I cooked this morning. It looks like the United Nations of eggs, doesn't it?

Son #2's sunny side up egg is on top. He likes his sunny side up just barely done, with a very runny yolk and no hint of caramelization whatsoever.

I, on the other hand, like my eggs overcooked. Hence the brown egg on the right. I cook my eggs overhard resulting in a solid yolk. Plus, I like the edge burnt so that it becomes almost crisp.

Hubby like his in between. A hint of browning on the bottom and a yolk that is in between runny and set. So his egg is the one on the bottom.

And Son #1 doesn't like sunny side up eggs. He will only take his egg scrambled or hard boiled. He likes his scrambled egg firm (not fluffy). Almost like an empty omelet. His egg is on the left.

Even though our egg preferences differ, we all agree on one thing though...eggs taste best when eaten with tocino/longganisa/spam/bacon/tapa and rice, of course :-)

How 'bout you? How do you like your eggs?


starlightjulian said...

I love my eggs either fried over-medium, scrambled (egg cracked over the pan and cooked, not beaten first), or as an omelette, Greek/Mediterranean-style (that is, onion, srtichokes, tomato, olives, feta, spinach too). Oh, how I miss home-made TOCINO!! Miss longganisa, too, but it's too fatty for me to enjoy it now w/out feeling like I'm sabotaging my health. I used to make breakfast with fried spam (in its own rendered fat), fried eggs, heated Bush's baked beans, and white rice!! Hmm... maybe I'll buy some eggs and have fried eggs with tapa and brown rice one day soon...

Love reading your blogs and viewing your fantastic photos! Thank you!

ctl said...

You're very welcome! Glad to hear you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy posting.

annmariemarie said...

La lang... naaliw ako sa post na to!