Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday Dirt Sundae

I made this birthday cake version of the springtime sundae for Son #2's 10th birthday and because it was a boy's party, I decided not to use flowers but used gummy worms instead. I also used a bigger planter instead of individual pots. The boys found it quite amusing :-)

Just a tip though, do not serve this straight out of the freezer. Frozen solid ice cream is very hard to scoop and will lead to oreo crumbs everywhere. Trust me, I learned the hard way...

Springtime Sundae

This was a dessert too cute to pass up :-)

I found a similar "project" on one of my regular blog reads and thought it would be perfect for a "welcome to spring" gathering we had at S&A's house.

Start by buying a few small plastic pots and baking a batch of brownies. Get your biscuit cutter or other round thing-a-ma-jig and cut out a circle of brownie to fit the bottom of the pot. Like this...

Then spread a layer of dulce de leche over the brownie. Just like so...

Stick a trimmed drinking straw in the middle then fill the pot with vanilla ice cream, chunks of your favorite candy bar (Mr. Big, in this case) and more brownie chunks. Really, at this point, go wild :-)

Keep the entire thing in the freezer and just before serving, cover the entire thing with crushed oreo cookies, get a nice flower, stick it in the straw, and voila!

Aren't they just adorable?!