Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mystery Fruit

We celebrated Tita M and Tito O's 28th wedding anniversary last night with a wonderful Chinese meal at The Perfect Kitchen in Mississauga. One of their friends brought this mystery fruit from their backyard and we had some (along with many other fruits, ice cream and cake) for dessert.

The fruit resembled raspberries and blackberries but did not have the same tartness. Actually, it tasted very similar to aratilis. Anyone ever seen this fruit or know what it's called?

Tita M decided to baptize them Ulud fruit, ulud being the Bicolano term for worm. They just looked like caterpillars with the hair sticking out from the pale green/purple skin. Not a very flattering name, I think, but so what...I still ate a whole bunch :-)


Kelly said...

White mulberries.
Brings me back to my childhood...I used to eat those by the handful.

ctl said...

Thanks, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Those not only look like caterpillars, I think they are. Those sweet ones that taste like fruit, almost.

chin said...

yuck kadiri yung itsura niya manay! gives me goosebumps! i dont know how you managed to eat a whole bunch. nangngati yung nose ko just looking at it. hehehe. =)

joe said...

Hi Chinky,

Hmmm white mulberries! I've tried them coz the deers and squirrels work on them here at Vassar College golf course. Sweet when ripe. Nice food blog you started here. Regards.

Tito Sep