Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dried Beef Tapa

Yay! It's the weekend once again, which in our household means it's time for our favorite meal...BRUNCH!

My mom brought (smuggled, actually) some dried beef tapa from Lucena when she came to visit last year. She brought 5 bags and the one we cooked today was the last one :( :( :(

This tapa is different from the usual marinated beef slices. Because it's dried, it has a crunchy-chewy texture and the flakes of salty meat go so well with a simple tomato/green onion/vinegar/fish sauce salad on the side. Truly the ultimate tapsilog.

We savored each and every bite, knowing that this batch was the last of our precious stash. Ma, next time ulit ha!


Cesar said...

tapsilog!!! dis is davez!

sana makatikim na ako ulit ng luto mo Chinks!

joey said...

Tapsilog is always a winner! :)