Friday, February 19, 2010

Better Than Chicharon

Be still my beating heart! What could be better than thinly sliced pork belly, cooked until blistery and crunchy?

My mom gave me this recipe during her recent visit but my youngest sister has sworn me to secrecy so unfortunately I cannot, in good conscience, divulge the secret to this divine concoction. I can say though that it's boiled, dried then fried. The drying step is my own twist to the recipe.

I will live vicariously through this post, because I've decided that, for the sake of my lipid profile, I will only make this dish once a year.


The Beancounter said...

better than bacon for breakfast! i can imagine having this with sinangag and plenty of "spicy suka" for sawsawan!

ctl said...

You said it, beancounter!

Ela said...

looks delicious.
i'll have these with catsup and garlic fried rice.
too bad you can't share the recipe.
i'll have to do it my own...